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I think that writing a "journal " here is like talking on subjects that are very important to us. Most of the "writers" expect interesting comments strictly on the topic. I only once met someone that gave me the right feedback. Most feel that they are special and need to convince the others. I don't feel this way. I'm not special at all. I'm not an artist and I don't pretend I'll be one some day.
    Some times ago I was very fond of playing the Guitar. Time has changed and I gave up. Not a big deal. Now I dedicate the same passion to photography. Till when? I 'm tied up within lots of limits.(age, education etc.)
And you? How do you feel about that?
Thank you all! I changed my mood!:love:
When I posted the last entry, I thought to myself if it would be only one there to care ... There were unexpectedly more. Thank you all. Maybe we'll try to share more than faves! :love:
When I submitted this site I thought it would be a place where most of the "artists" were serious. They are but ... what about their lack of imagination. I'm saying imagination in order to replace other rude words like: superficiality, minimal artistic education ... What a disappointment ... There is no reason to stay here anymore ... Things are going from bad to worse.
It was a long hot summer. I have succeeded to get around 10000 pics. What a busy winter will follow!
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Free and colorful... What's that?
Soon I'll be back with new stuff! Hope you'll like the images I've taken!
need to talk silently ... is it correct?
... ?
Crazy times for crazy world !
Weather ... OK!
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Spring's here, at last!
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The tragedy in Japan gives an example of how "humble" humans are.
Spring still away!
Think people use to pass by the things that don't reflect their own "desires".When someone proves weaker or in trouble all try to "help" in a way that directly say: luckily ... is you, not me! They put horrific images on cigarettes packs representing sick people, horrible tumors ... is this an act of normal people ? what would you say seeing this on wine or margarine labels,on windshields of the cars?
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